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Anonymous Client

“If you have legal criminal problems I highly recommend speaking to the most honest attorneys in the Sacramento area at the Chastaine Jones Law Firm. During my free consultation they answered all my questions and concerns. They stated to me, after reviewing my situation, that everything was In order. They could have easily found an […]

Brian Jones

“These folks care about the people they help. The are able to both navigate the complexities of the law while offering a genuine human experience understanding personal difficulties. Their office runs like a Swiss watch, spot on and timely. There was never a delay in any reply or a lack of sound council. 100% recommended.”

Yanliz Avci

“Martin Jones was a great hope to me when our options were limited, and the resolution seemed impossible. His defense against false accusations was perfect. He and his team explained everything in detail to me. I had an understanding of what was going on in my case. His calm and empathetic demeanor and all the […]

Ali Akyuz

“My brother was investigated for a serious felony allegations. He was facing prison time for a long time. As a family we were all scared. One of our friends referred us to Martin Jones. We are happy to hire him because he brought extreme dedication and professionalism to our legal matter. He got the charges […]

Oki E.

“Mr. Martin Jones of Chastaine Jones Criminal Defense Attorneys was referred to a friend of mine by another attorney and we are very satisfied by his work. My friend was facing years in prison and his family was ready to sell all of their belongings to be able to afford the court case, but Mr. […]

Wendy E.

“Martin surpassed my expectations for legal counsel. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking experienced, approachable, and comprehensive legal defense. It was apparent upon meeting Martin that he is very adept with the law and legal process, as he was able to immediately identify the strengths and opportunities for defense.”

Ben Poindexter

“Mr. Jones was confident, knowledgeable and really fought hard for me from day 1. He attended my probation review, advised me with the steps I needed to take and after a few months negotiated a plea. I still am shocked by how effective he was in handling my case. It is not a stretch to […]

Perry Mayer

“Martin is a brilliant defense attorney who I would always trust in the future. Good communicator and provided an accurate and comprehensive review. Immediately he was clear the case was bogus and it would be thrown out of court, which it eventually was.”

Wendy Olson

“Mr. Jones and his team did an outstanding job. They were excellent communicators, and always accessible. They were remarkably supportive. They are consummate professionals who possess outstanding legal skill, but they also are excellent in the people-skill department, as well. I highly recommend this firm without reservation.”

David W

“Working with Mike turned out to be one of the best experiences I have ever had in the legal arena. He never led me to believe in false promises. He was a powerhouse and extremely impressive in the courtroom. And he treated me with the utmost respect throughout the months that we worked together. I […]