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Sex Offender Tier Relief

Sex Offender Tier Relief in Sacramento County

How We Can Help With Sex Offender Registration Tier Relief

In California, those convicted of certain sex crimes must register as sex offenders. The requirements for registration depend upon the nature of the crime committed. The state has recently developed a tier system that assigns a person convicted of a sex offense to one of three tiers. The tiers specify the amount of time that a person will be required to register as a sex offender after they have completed their prison sentence. 

If you have been convicted of a sex crime and feel the incorrect tier has been assigned, or if you believe you have complied with all the requirements under the tier and wish to seek removal from sex offender registration requirements, please reach out to the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Chastaine Jones to learn more about your options. 

What To Know About the Tier-Based System

Certain factors can influence which tier will apply. That is why it is so important to have an attorney on your side as soon as you learn that you have been charged with a sex crime. There may be more opportunities during the entirety of your case to defend against the factors that determine the tier assigned to you. 

Note that these requirements may also apply for crimes committed outside of California. Juvenile offenders have slightly different tiers, but can also contest their assigned tier level. The tier registration requirements for those convicted as adults are as follows:  

  • Tier One: 10 years
  • Tier Two: 20 years
  • Tier Three: 20 years or lifetime, depending upon risk assessment and other factors/concerns

In some circumstances, there may be hearings or other proceedings with the requests for tier relief. Should that happen in your situation, we are prepared to handle any of the issues that may arise. We have a long history of success inside the courtroom, and we are not afraid to do whatever is necessary to help our clients obtain justice. 

Speak To Us Today About Your Options

We know that you will have many questions about this process, and we invite you to reach out to our lawyers to learn more. To schedule your consultation, please call our office at (916) 932-7150 or send us an email to find a time that works best for you.

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