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Homicide and Murder

Murder Defense Lawyer in Sacramento

Helping You Defend Against Homicide Charges

If you are under investigation or have been arrested on suspicion of murder or homicide, you are facing the most serious allegations that could result in imprisonment for the rest of your life. Each day that passes without representation could result in fewer available options for your defense. You need to act as soon as possible to be able to defend against these charges. 

The experienced attorneys at Chastaine Jones, based in Roseville, have spent their careers dealing with complex criminal defense matters like murder or homicide. We have handled many murder cases in California and understand what is at stake for you and for your future. We work tirelessly to provide you with the defense you deserve. 

A Strategy That Puts Your Goals First

When we meet to discuss your concerns, we tell you exactly what we think we can do to help you. We are not in the business of creating false hope for our clients. We give you an honest assessment of the situation, and then design an approach that puts your needs first. Throughout the case, we are by your side, fighting on your behalf.  

Some of the various matters we can assist with in your case can include:

  • Analyzing the facts to determine defenses that may be available, such as self-defense 
  • Investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding the allegations to uncover facts that are helpful to your case 
  • Negotiating with prosecutors to try to reduce the charges pending against you 
  • Reviewing the actions of police during the investigation to ensure your rights are protected 
  • Often, homicide and murder charges can carry sentences that can keep a person in prison for the rest of  their life, with or without the possibility of parole. If you learn you are under investigation by police, contact us immediately. Do not talk to them without a lawyer present.

Law enforcement officers and prosecutors may make it seem like they have an open and shut case against you, and that you have no options available to you. Know that you have rights, but it is up to you to take action to protect yourself against these charges.  

Over 50 Years of Combined Experience Helping People Fight Criminal Charges

These are not cases that you should take lightly. You will lose everything if you are convicted of murder. Our attorneys are here to help you take full advantage of your rights. We will build a strong defense to the accusations you are facing. To schedule your consultation, call us at (916) 932-7150 or send us an email today. 

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