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Federal law enforcement plans white collar crime crackdown

For people who live and work in Gold River and the surrounding areas of California, striving to achieve a certain lifestyle and have success is a notable objective. If they are in the finance industry, are business executives or work in some area of the corporate world, there will be legal requirements they must adhere to. Regulations are in place to prevent wrongdoing and give these individuals a guide as to what they can and cannot do. If there are allegations of legal violations, it is important to understand that the penalties can be financially and personally severe. A defense against these types of charges is critical.

Recent comments from U.S. Attorney General suggest focus on white collar crime

White collar crime is a primary focus for federal law enforcement. This comes straight from U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and comments he made at the ABA Institute. Corporate wrongdoing – with an emphasis on environmental offenses – were the crimes that were specifically discussed. The Department of Justice will also look for individuals who are deemed responsible for the policies and tactics that constitute legal violations.

It was alluded that there is a perception that corporate entities are frequently viewed as above the law for getting away with corporate crimes. The DOJ will seek to alter this belief and raise its funding and resources to pursue these cases; put greater emphasis on DOJ guidance regarding corporations providing up to date information of potential misconduct; dramatically increase prosecutions after there was a marked reduction in recent years; and aggressively act against environmental violators.

Those who may face charges with the crackdown should know their rights

When a person is accused of white collar crimes, it can not only place them in jeopardy of jail time, massive fines and loss of professional licenses, but it can place them in a negative light in the community and hinder every area of their life. With the DOJ looking to pursue these cases in a more aggressive manner, it is – of course – wise to adhere to the law. It is also wise to be prepared to lodge a defense when there are accusations. Despite these crimes being non-violent, the penalties can be as bad or worse that those assessed on violent offenders. Fighting the charges is imperative.

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