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Diversion for Prostitution Charges

We’ve seen evidence of prostitution in some of the world’s oldest cultures. Prostitution has been described as one of the world’s oldest jobs. In some countries, prostitution remains a legal profession. In others, like the United States, prostitution is criminalized. Not everyone supports the criminalization of prostitution. To some, if not many, prostitution is a transaction between two consenting adults.

Nevertheless, as it stands, prostitution is illegal in California. California Penal Code section 647(b) criminals the exchange of of sexual act for compensation.

Recently, in fact, law enforcement has “rebranded” prostitution as an act of human trafficking. Or, at least, a contribution to human trafficking enterprises. In an effort to combat “human trafficking,” law enforcement will conduct “sting operations” in which law enforcement will pose as buyers or sellers of sex to catch people engaging in acts of prostitution.

While there is not typically a “victim” in sting operations, law enforcement and the courts treat arrests stemming from stings seriously. If you are arrested in a prostitution sting operation, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. An experienced criminal defense attorney can educate you on your rights and potential legal defenses.

For example, judicial diversion pursuant to Penal Code section 1001.95 may be an option if you are arrested in a prostitution sting operation.
Rather than face up to six months in jail, fines and fees, and a criminal conviction, you could be looking at an “human trafficking awareness class” and an eventual dismissal.

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