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What is the Difference Between “Pimping” and “Pandering”?

“Pimping” and “pandering” are related terms, often associated with illegal activities involving sex work, but they refer to different roles and activities within the context of prostitution and human trafficking.  “Human trafficking,” on the other hand, is a broader offense that encompasses various forms of exploitation, including but not limited to sexual exploitation.  Pimping: Pandering: […]

California Penal Code § 647(a), Lewd Conduct in Public

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It a misdemeanor crime to engage in lewd conduct in public, or to solicit someone to do lewd conduct in public under California Penal Code § 647(a). Both crimes have nearly similar elements except for soliciting involves an individual requesting someone else do the lewd conduct instead of the individual performing it directly themselves. According […]

What the District Attorney Does Not Want you to Know about a DUI

You Can Fight a DUI Allegation The prosecutor and the police would have you believe that a DUI is a cut and dry crime. They want you to believe that the best thing is to rely on the system, give up the rights guaranteed to you by the Constitution and plead guilty. This is simply […]

Should I Call 911?

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Relationships are complicated. Romantic relationships can be particularly volatile. Partners can say and do regrettable things in the heat of arguments. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that necessitate involving law enforcement. There can, however, be moments of regret that follow involving law enforcement. Seeing your loved one being arrested following a fight and charged with a […]

Restore Gun Rights in California

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In California, a felony conviction and certain misdemeanor convictions1 will result in a ban on your ability to have a firearm. A felony conviction will result in a lifetime ban, and a qualifying misdemeanor conviction will result in a 10-year ban. Examples of misdemeanor convictions that will result in a 10-year ban are: assault, battery, threatening […]

The Limitations to Record Clearance, According to an Expungement Attorney

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While expungement clears your previous convictions, keep in mind that expunged records are not totally erased or sealed forever. Depending on the state where you live and the reason for the request for disclosure, your expunged criminal records may be disclosed. Here are circumstances when sealed criminal records will be shown again. Asking for another […]